42+ Life, Death and Blue and White Living Room French Country Shabby Chic

Many tend to associate shabby chic decor with femininity but I disagree. To me shabby chic is a decorating style that expresses pride in history by using past furniture, sofas and artwork, vintage pieces ideally look a little worn, to create a beautiful, and then old design scheme.

This style will turn your living room into a cozy space with romantic old or vintage items that serve a purpose. A shabby chic living room is perfect if you want to show off your favorite accessories as well as vintage shabby chic.

How to Paint Shabby Chic Furniture

When painting shabby chic furniture, the home decorator gets a sense of pride and gives money because the decorator creates the finished product.

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French Country Decor Comes Color From Nature

Blue is a very popular color. It is calm and soothing, but often rich and vibrant. Blue reminds us of a vacation by the sea. The French Country house design with its sparkling clean white houses and intense blue doors and sunken window frames immediately comes to mind. The cool blue color provides a pleasant contrast to your home furniture.

No doubt the color blue dominates the world around us. These are the colors of the sky and ocean that come in many shades. The color of the oceans is reflected by changes in light and weather and can change from steel gray, to light blue, deep or dark or even navy blue.

And what about our fauna and flora? Our flora provides us with a palette of blues such as cornflowers, irises, water hyacinths, jacaranda, agapanthus, lavender, bluebells and many others. Our fauna has included many beautiful blues, i.e. Little blue wren, eagle, fan peacock, red rosella flowers – a lovely combination of red and blue.


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