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Wall shelf systems are used for function and decoration in homes and offices. The variety of styles, materials, colors and brackets available for mounting on a wall shelf or placing against a wall provides options for every home and décor. Shelves can be used as a focal point in a room or shelves can occupy the entire wall of a room. Shelves can also be used as wall decorations in the farmhouse dining room which will certainly give a warm and beautiful home feel.

Location is very important when it comes to making decisions about the style and type of shelves you want for your walls. Make sure to take your measurements before you buy a rack system. Do you often like to rearrange furniture? You may want to consider a freestanding shelving unit that will fit on any wall in your dining area. Otherwise, a wall-mounted rack unit will offer more support and hold heavier objects.

What will you display on your shelf? If you create a large shelf area for your bowls and ceramics, your shelves need to be very sturdy. Other items such as trinkets, photos, baskets and favorite collectibles may not need much support. The more items you can store and remove using wall space means a cleaner and more orderly home overall.

Farmhouse Dining Room Shelves

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Everyone wants their shelves to complement their dining room decor. Choose from solid wood in a variety of colors and fibers, stainless steel, composite, or glass to make your shelf fit your personal style. Shelves are also available in a variety of shapes, be it rectangular, round, square, curved, half moon, or triangle, and can fit any space.

Wall systems can be standalone, hang, modular, customizable, or repairable, just to name a few of the options available. There are corner units, floating shelves, hanging racks, track systems and fully adjustable wall units. The most flexible system is the track system. So you can adjust the shelf height to accommodate several items of different sizes. This type of shelf gives you the freedom to change displays frequently without too much fuss. You can customize this shelf style to suit your specific needs.

In the area of ​​hanging shelves, you have several options when it comes to bracket style and hardware. A good rule of thumb is to use hardware that is compatible with the existing wall structure. Wall-mounted shelves with ready to use shelves as well as adjustable brackets are ideal for your laundry room, kitchen, home office or kid’s room.


If you prefer a freestanding rack system for your walls, make sure it is sturdy enough to stand on its own, or in some way secure it to the wall with cables or hooks. These safety precautions will make sure nothing can pull them in and securing your wall system will keep your glassware too.

Wall shelf systems can be purchased pre-made or can be custom made to fit your space. So, consider corner shelves and any size and shape of wall shelves to maximize wall space in your dining room.


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