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Do you have a tiny house that you want to convert into a rental unit or an existing unit that needs serious changes? Might you want to evade, no matter what, the agony, time, and burden of managing project workers? So, look at the main seven advantages of a Kitchenette and see whether a minimal kitchen is for you.

Across the board

Fully-featured kitchenettes include all the main elements one would expect in a kitchen in one stand-alone unit: cooking utensils, such as a stove / hob and / or microwave, washbasin, fridge and cupboard for storage. A productivity kitchen is fundamentally an essential sink cupboard with a little sink, little oven, and a cooler under.

Fabulous for a restricted space

You can get a completely included kitchenette that estimates 48 ” wide. It gives a 4-foot tall bureau at the top, and a respectable measured sink, refrigerator, and genuine oven with hob.

Simple to Install

This is a project most people can tackle on their own, especially if you’re buying a small kitchen that has an electric stove, and it’s a project that can be started and finished over the weekend. Clearly, an unpleasant channel line and water supply are required for the sink.

Looks Great

The modern kitchenette is also very, very attractive and fashionable, comes in a variety of colors, and even in a stainless steel model, with an interesting table too, in formica and a solid top.

Increment Rental and Property Value

Let’s face it, a good apartment, with a new, clean kitchen, will generate higher rents, also a good kitchen always drives property values ​​up.

Better Tenants

Alongside higher rents, comes more excellent occupants with better FICO scores, and so better soundness for you.


A fully-featured kitchenette turns out to be inexpensive, especially if you compare it to an ordinary kitchen where you have to buy everything separately, and even more so if you have to pay a contractor. So, costs for small kitchens, completely included kitchenettes, range from $ 1000-$ 4000.

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