43+Why Everybody Is Talking About New Farmhouse Decor 2018 and What You Should be Doing

Nothing is warmer and welcoming like an old farmhouse. This decorating style practically begs friends and family to come over, leave, and stay a bit. If you’re tired of a home that seems lacking in personality and warmth, the allure of a cozy farmhouse decor is something you might want to consider, whether you live in the country or in the city.

The great thing about farmhouse decor is that accessories and accents don’t have to be expensive, as well as an eclectic mix of things you love is perfect. So, if your furniture and accents look older or worn, the better! See the new scratch on the sofa table? No big deal, it just enhances the look.

Lots of natural wood and fabrics set the mood

In decorating for a farmhouse appeal, wooden floors covered in accent rugs are the norm. Don’t worry about scratches or scratches on the wood – these are all part of what makes the style so charming! Your home will look like a residence, and guests will feel very comfortable because they are not afraid to touch anything.

The color is rich

These colors are rich in pigment, and not at all boring. Today, you can paint not only your walls, but also furniture! If the table you have today looks too new or modern for the style you are trying to achieve, simply color it in, sand a little in the areas that will naturally show wear and fiddle. Scratches and dings are things you wouldn’t normally want in other decor styles, but welcome to this decorating theme.

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Accessories can be had for a song

Finding accessories for your farmhouse-style home is easy – and affordable. Shop thrift stores, real estate sales, and flea markets to find old “junk” that no one else wants. Wooden signage, mismatched wooden chairs for the kitchen table, tin buckets, and other country-style textiles can often be found for almost no cost.

Rustic window coverings, quilts, handcrafted antiques, and primitive decorations add charm and warmth to a cozy atmosphere, making your home one everyone loves to visit. Scent the room with handcrafted candles with delicious scents like baked apple, cinnamon, and pumpkin pie.

With many decorating styles, you want to avoid having too many accessories; Quite the opposite is the case with the farmhouse theme! Put on all the knick-knacks you really like – it just adds to the appeal.


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