42 + Essential things for small coffee station counter space cabinets

You’re only half awake when you enter the kitchen to brew coffee. It’s hard to think straight – especially if you have to open 3 or 4 cabinets to collect things to make them. And finding your favorite mug in the middle of a sea of ​​unused coffee cups and mugs isn’t easy either. Every minute counts when you are trying to get out on time. If you are a coffee drinker, it is time to simplify the process by setting up a coffee station.

Choose the perfect room for coffee station

Choose a small top cabinet that has a plug nearby. You’ll want the coffee maker installed directly under this cabinet.

Clean cups and mugs

You have your favorites. We all do. Maybe the size, color, feel of the handle, or something else you really like. Whatever it is, always take the mug you take first. Most people have too many mugs in their cupboards which take up valuable real estate. Donate cups and mugs that you don’t use and cut back as many as your coffee station suits.

Gather supplies and pack

You can use two basket containers that are easy to clean and fit most of your coffee station. The first is for coffee and the supplies needed to make it. The second can be used for tea or other warm drinks.

Adjust the shelf

Most of the shelves are adjustable but easy to forget. If yours is customizable, adjust it to the size as needed. If you need extra shelving, take it to your local hardware store. They can have one or more pieces for you. Shelf pins (the things that hold the shelves in place) are sold there too. These come in several sizes, so it’s a good idea to bring one of these too. If you don’t have adjustable shelves, you can use a basket helper rack.
Place your items and labels

Place the mugs and baskets in an easily accessible and labeled manner. I love labeling stuff. This helps everyone in the house know where the stuff is and it will keep you from shoving things in it randomly.

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