35+ Life, Death and Small Guest Bathroom Ideas Half Baths Powder Rooms Vanities

Whether you’ve completed a major bathroom makeover or just want to freshen up your old guest bath, the right bathroom decor can brighten up a room and unite it with the whole style.

Bathroom decoration starts with fixtures

When you’ve completed the makeover, hopefully the dressing table, toilet, and shower or tub are all in the same or complementary style. If you haven’t started yet, then choose carefully to make sure it creates a soothing sense of oneness. Of course, you may just want to freshen up your old guest bathroom without major changes. If this is the case, you can choose to replace the toilet and paint the dresser to update it and enhance the feel of the room.

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Smaller Features Increase Attractiveness

With the big work already done, you can consider other elements that are part of the decor. For example, the makeup mirror should maintain the style you choose for the room. The faucet should also complement your design theme. In addition, bathroom features such as dressing table lamps, towel racks, toilet paper holders, and tissue holders can further enhance the style of the room.

Highlight your style with finishing touches

After you have installed the bathroom elements large and small, it is time to add some decorative elements that you may not have thought of. For example, small framed art prints add warmth to a room. A fake flower in an eye-catching vase, a pretty soap bowl and a guest towel, a fluffy robe with a catchy hook, or even a shower curtain, can also be the finishing touches that complement the overall style you’re going for.

While you don’t want to overwhelm your guest bathroom, as well as your guests, you should modify the larger elements whenever possible and add a few small decor elements to tie the room around one style. If you choose correctly, your guests will feel comfortable calling the bathroom a sanctuary.


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