+ 35 Introducing How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets Tips Organization Ideas

Kitchen cabinets are the top candidates for the messiest parts of the house. Having disorganized kitchen cabinets wastes time when you are trying to prepare food. With a little planning, you can organize kitchen cabinets where everything you need is at your fingertips.

The first step in organizing your kitchen is removing everything from the kitchen cabinets. Match the lid to the container and get rid of all the stray pieces that have long lost the match. Sort your kitchen utensils into sections based on their function. Throw away or donate items that take up space in your kitchen cabinets. Before you start putting things back in your kitchen cabinets, clean the shelves with a solution of hot water and soap. If you want to apply shelf paper, wait until the kitchen cabinet shelf dries then you can stick the paper to the shelf.

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After you’ve sorted your kitchen utensils and set up the shelves, it’s time to get creative. To make your pots and pans accessible and organized, you can take them out of the kitchen cabinet and use decorative wall-hung shelves. This will not only keep your cookware handy, but will also give your kitchen a professional look. You can store the lids of pots and pans in the shallow trash behind your kitchen cabinet doors.

The thing to keep in mind when organize your kitchen cabinets is that there are three basic areas for every kitchen: the prep area, the cooking and serving area, and the sink area. Every part of your kitchen should fit into one of these three categories. Group the items you like together and place them in a kitchen cabinet near the work area, stove, or sink depending on the function.


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