30 + Facts, Fiction and Kitchen Decor Apartment Small Spaces

If you have a small kitchen, it can be very difficult trying to decorate it in an interesting way. It’s really tough these days with all the deals on bigger equipment. Here are a few tips that work best when you have a small kitchen decor to work with.


Avoid getting a bigger refrigerator for the kitchen. Even though this tool is a necessity, it doesn’t have to fill the entire kitchen. Try choosing a smaller model to free up space. If you already have a large refrigerator in your kitchen, consider placing it in the garage. This way you can store everything you need in the refrigerator, but a large refrigerator is not in the kitchen. Buy a smaller model to place in your kitchen to hold the items you need quickly access.


Other areas that can actually take up some space in a smaller kitchen are appliances such as a microwave, toaster, coffee pot, etc. Consider buying a small microwave that will meet your needs. Also, consider storing any utensils you have on your kitchen counter unless used on a daily basis.

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Trash can

If you don’t have the ability to keep your trash can under the cupboard, consider purchasing one of the stainless steel bins. The mirror effect of stainless will make the room look bigger as long as you don’t get a mirror that’s too big for the kitchen. They are available in all shapes and sizes ensuring you can find one that fits your kitchen. Another alternative is to keep a trash can in the kitchen if you have one in the kitchen.


Choosing the right kitchen rug can really brighten up a kitchen so that it looks bigger than it really is. I would recommend buying a rug that is machine washable. This is not only for obvious cleaning reasons, but it is also cheaper and tends to last longer due to the design.

I know that downsizing isn’t something you really like, but you have to work with the areas you have. Small kitchen can be very attractive and appealing if they are decor properly. These are just a few of the things you can do if you are limited by space in your kitchen.


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