37 Up in Arms About Modern Farmhouse Decor Joanna Gaines Living Rooms?

Farmhouse decorating style tends to be warm, relaxing and full of character and charm and is often organized around a central notion of practicality. The modern farmhouse is a nod to the past but firmly planted in the present. From the industrial lighting that gives it that rustic touch to the open concept furniture that gives it that modern touch. The modern farmhouse look is all about achieving the balance between the classic and the new. Here are modern farmhouse living rooms ideas that will inspire you to put your own personal twist and style and will have you loving your space.

The Open Concept Farmhouse Living Room

The first thought that comes to mind for most people when they think of decorating their farmhouse living rooms is that they have to have a rustic touch. Well, your modern farmhouse living room is not limited to this style. The best part about a modern farmhouse living rooms is that you are open to explore a wide variety of styles and find what works for you. If you have an open floor plan for your kitchen, the open concept farmhouse living room would be an ideal choice as it would flow throughout the entire space.

However, even if you don’t have it as part of your dining space, it can still be an option to consider for your living room as it offers a welcoming feeling with a very personal visual. This farmhouse style living room by Jennifer Robbins Interiors displays how an open concept living and dining area, complete with a glass-paned wall can modernize a traditional closed-in approach.

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Monochromatic Farmhouse Living Room

Whoever said monochromatic is boring definitely hasn’t seen these farmhouse living rooms. When it comes to monochromatic style, you should always consider the architecture of the room. Monochromatic style has a way of making a room feel grand it its own way.

When you incorporate shiplap around the fireplace, reclaim timber beams, tonal furniture and accessories, you transform a contemporary living room into a chic farmhouse retreat with the monochromatic style. It is that versatile.

Traditional Farmhouse Living Room

Sometimes all you might really want is the simplicity and comfort and that’s where the traditional farmhouse living room comes in. You don’t have go all out with expensive materials and might instead opt for items that add a relaxed touch with a nice, elegant finish. Throw pillows and a blanket are a great way to create a space where everyone wants to snuggle in.

You can choose pillows of varying sizes in both neutrals and colors. Some can be plain cotton, while others can be woven from yarn. A rug is another must have as it not only covers the entire space but it can also bring the space to life depending on the color chosen. A woven rug will look natural in a farmhouse living room while a plush rug just feels great to dig your toes into.

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room

Who said old is boring? What makes the modern farmhouse so appealing is that it is an ode to the classic farmhouse. It is a balance between the old and the new hence it carries with it the comfort that comes from the pieces of history. Your living room can include elements that bring this out for example you can style it with some distressed furniture, chicken wire cabinets or even some traditional farm chairs. The aim is to have your antique bits flow perfectly with what you already have.

Contemporary Farmhouse Living Room

This contemporary farmhouse living room by Northworks Architects and Planners features tongue and groove ceilings that are classically farmhouse look but the furniture and open concept give off a different look.

Country Farmhouse Living Room

A country farmhouse living room design embraces wood. Some of the home decor ideas worth considering are using a wooden basket to help organize your living room or using materials that have a plaid or floral pattern. You can style the living room by placing a large area rug that is either of a traditionally woven design or a primitive braided pattern design.


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