35 + Small Farmhouse Bathroom Joanna Gaines – the Story

The farmhouse style has revived quite a bit in the last decade, thanks in part to signature style featuring boat covers, rustic wood finishes, iron and reused antiques. It may not seem entirely clear to include this detail in a small farmhouse bathroom, but we believe it will be a missed opportunity. The smaller space really fits this style – it only takes a few tweaks and tweaks to make a big impact. Previously, we have put together the best small farmhouse bathroom ideas, which are sure to make all your dreams come true.

Add a rustic wooden frame to your mirror

Ashley from Cherished Bliss brilliantly enhances the simple, maker-level mirror with a rustic frame for the perfect touch of warmth and character in this little farmhouse bathroom. To imitate its style for your own home, balance rustic wood with finer finishes, like brushed marble and nickel countertops.

Choose an antique sink

The antique sink in this cozy small farmhouse bathroom idea adds charming character and a nice feminine contrast to the rustic wood-paneled walls. To recreate this look, keep decorative details neutral while adding lots of texture with linen and wood accents.

Source : Pinterest

Go with the backsplash shiplap

Holly from Our Faux Farmhouse makes use of her compact bathroom with liner cladding in place of traditional tile, helping to add visual length while providing captivating detail. To complete the look, balance the rustic features with botanical print wallpapers on the adjacent wall.

Reuse the dresser instead of a dresser

This little farmhouse bathroom idea from Cori Robinson involves thinking outside the box, reusing an antique dresser as a dresser. The drawers provide ample storage, while the layers add a lot of unique character. Complete the vintage design by installing a sink and wall-mounted faucet.

Bring the outside

Farmhouse style and beautiful outdoors go hand in hand. So it makes perfect sense to include a little nature in your small farmhouse bathroom ideas. Follow Amy’s lead from the House of Sparrows and complete your fresh floral arrangement with a flowery shower curtain and a hint of green paint. The end result will feel like a breath of fresh, relaxing air.

Consider a stock tank bath

Take these little farmhouse bathroom ideas to the next level by dropping the traditional bathtub for something a little simpler: a supply tank. Painted black and paired with a telephone-style faucet, you almost forget that it was traditionally used to provide drinking water for livestock. Dark wood ceiling beams and dressers add additional contrast as well as warmth to the cool white walls.

Install the barn door

Bathroom barn doors not only look amazing, they are also very functional as a space-saving solution. To emulate this look from Veronique from Home Sweet Lakehouse, combine whitewashed barn doors with black hardware for a touch of modern contrast.

Use warm white paint

Rooms with spatial challenges tend to feel dark and cramped. Brighten things up by painting your walls a warm white like Liz from Within the Grove. That way, when you pair it with other details (like wooden dressers and black fixtures), your little farmhouse bathroom won’t feel overwhelmed, but rather warm, inviting, and beautifully balanced.


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