+ 34 Why Everyone Is Dead Mistaken Regarding Dream House Exterior Country Farmhouse Porches

Thinking of building or renovating the exterior of your dream home. You are at the right place! Making the exterior of your dream house seem like a daunting task, but believe me, it will be easier if you break it down into small pieces and follow our tips. These ideas can be applied to almost any home exterior and you don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve them!

Use the Elements Around You

Often times we tend to skip nature and focus only on brick and mortar. Take a minute and look around your house. What you see is basically what you have to replicate on the outside to get the exterior of your dream home. If you see a lot of greenery, use hints from nature and install beautiful plants around your entrance. If you live in a gated community then work with fences, think about colors and beauty items that you can use to decorate your exterior.

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Let it light up

Using lighting can significantly enhance the exterior appearance of your dream house. Lighting is something that can really make your home stand out. We don’t mean boring old white fluorescent lights, God, no. Use warm colored lights instead for a clean, luxurious look. Use different lights and light fixtures outside to give it a unique look. You can also add a lamp post near the entrance of your home for a stylish and modern look!

Finding Sweet Spots for Furniture

If you don’t already have an outside seating area then you are just taking from the exterior of your dream house. Having an outside seating area, be it a sofa or a swing, can significantly enhance your exterior impression. Get one that matches the outside decor and try to place it in a well-lit area. You can also try moving furniture around until you find the right place.

Rejuvenate the Land

If you’re still rocking your old floor tiles outside the house, it’s time to swap them for new ones. There are many modern styles you can choose from. These changes will really enhance the appearance of your home. Look for a professional who can show you a selection of different materials and give you a good deal. You can also go ahead and repaint your house while you are doing it to give it a much newer look. You will thank us for this.


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