The Awful Secret of Wood Vent Hood Diy Joanna Gaines

Vent hoods that provide exhaust over the cooktop may seem like the most functional and least interesting element of kitchen design. There are actually a wide variety of options for ventilation or various hood designs, so you can adapt them for almost any decor. When you are undertaking a kitchen remodeling project, you need to decide whether you want the wood vent hood to blend in or to stand out as an element of its own design. Below are some considerations when choosing a wood vent hood.


You want the vent size to match the scale of the hob. If you have a very large hob, you will need a large hood which is therefore less likely to hide. If your hob is a normal size, you can get by with a fairly small hood. The new technology allowed them to be sleek and sleek while functioning as effectively as the old model.

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Over Islands

If your hob is on a kitchen island, you have special design considerations. A hood that is too low can effectively cut a room in half and block visibility from one section to another. If you’re doing a kitchen remodel, make sure your hood is low enough to provide ventilation but high enough so that it doesn’t become a barrier.

Stainless steel

A traditional choice for a variety of hoods, stainless steel can give your kitchen a sleek, modern look. Adding curves or color to steel can create a whole new feeling that allows it to coordinate with the rest of the kitchen.

Coat Style

If your wood vent hood is going to be visible, especially because of the hob that’s too big, think about making it look like a fireplace. This is a very popular choice in traditional kitchens. For example, it can give a kitchen a country or French style an old-fashioned look.


Hiding your dishwasher and refrigerator behind panels that fit your cabinets is a popular design option; this gives the kitchen a unified look. Such panels can also cover the ventilation hood, making it resemble an upper cupboard.


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