Small Bedroom Organization

Storage Ideas For Small Bedroom Organization

We spent quite a bit of time in our bedroom. This is where we try to get away from the hustle and bustle of our daily routine to relax and recover. But sometimes, our bedroom cannot provide peace of mind because we have too many things to lie. Learn how to organize your bedroom with these simple small bedroom organization ideas and suggestions.

Storage is one of the common problems for all bedrooms. Sometimes we have more items than storage. One place where we can have extra storage is under the bed. Place the wooden storage container or box on the wheels as well as you can store your bed linen here. You can even make linen covers for the boxes to keep things dust-free.

Many of us have items on our nightstands. Bedside lamps, alarm clocks, books all take up space. One way to get more space is to use a ladder instead of a regular bedside table. This staircase has wide steps where you can store everything you need, including even a line of books for your reading pleasure.

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Benefit From Small Bedroom Organization

Women have a lot of jewelry and sometimes just throw them in one jewelry box. It wrinkles all your valuables. Instead of using a jewelry box, you can use a saucer that doesn’t have a teacup and a teacup that doesn’t have a saucer. These orphaned pieces can be placed in a drawer lined with velvet, which prevents them from sliding. Now you can see all the jewelery at a glance and have a beautiful container to store them.

Gentlemen, accessories such as belts and ties can often wrinkle too. Place the ties and belt into the small acrylic box in your dresser drawer. For an extra pop of color, line the drawers with a colored material such as flannel. Felt is also a great case liner for storing small items like watches and cufflinks. Flannelette protects valuables from slipping and scratching.

For your child’s bedroom, teach them organizational skills by installing storage boxes and play chests where they can put all their toys and other items. Label or stencil the box to make it easier to find items. Did you know that something as common as a dish rack can also be used in the nursery? The dish rack that is placed in the child’s bedroom serves as a bookcase, which not only displays books but also toys.

Organization your small bedroom is easy and fun. All you need are a few simple bedroom setup ideas to get you started. A well-appointed bedroom will allow you to have a restful sleep as well as total relaxation.


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