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Petit Appartement Deco Ideas For Your Home

It doesn’t matter how small your apartment is, you can always get a great place with a modern and unique decor. In the deco of a petit appartement, it is very important to emphasize the color of your walls. White or clear walls, and windows will help give you the impression of a wider space. Whatever room we are talking about, bright colors will be a basic feature in any small space you have: living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, etc.

If the distance between the floor and the roof is large enough, you can think about building a mezzanine that can be used as a home office, or an additional bedroom.

When you are choosing your furniture, make sure to choose big ones. If you fill your small space with tiny furniture, it will create the smallest space ever! You should try to choose large furniture that fits your space, and then you can choose a pair of small accessories. Another tip when choosing your furniture is to choose smart furniture. This is furniture with multiple functions, for example an accent table with storage space or a backrest with storage space.

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Furniture For Petit Appartement Deco

You can use a mirror to complement the decor of your apartment. Mirrors are always very helpful when trying to give a room a spacious impression.

If your apartment has a small kitchen, again, you should have clear colors on your walls, and choose some basic furniture with straight lines so that the room doesn’t feel claustrophobic. Illumination will also have a special place in the kitchen. If you have natural light, you’ve won half the battle! But if you don’t have natural light, you can always go for a good light. Smart use of walls will also help you maximize space. Shelves, shelves, baskets, all of this can help you organize your space. And lastly, multifunctional islands can give you extra storage space and at the same time can give a nice touch to your kitchen.

The colors you use on your walls will determine the overall look of your petit appartement deco, so you should decide which one to use only after you have seriously thought about the desired result. Don’t be afraid to use dramatic combinations, like black or red walls.


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