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Creative Ideas For Decorating a Small Studio Apartment

If you live in a small and compact room, you need to come up with creative ideas for decorating a small studio apartment. If you live in an open space that needs to function as a kitchen, living room and bedroom, you should pay attention to the type of furniture you use so that it is multi-functional and doesn’t make the room feel cluttered. Certain pieces of furniture can do double duty and work really well. For example instead of buying separate beds and sofas, you should think about getting a futon sofa bed. During the day you have a comfortable seat that can be quickly converted into a bed at night.

It’s good to think about furniture that can also double as storage. You should buy a custom made storage cabinet if you have an area of ​​your room where it would be difficult to place other types of furniture.

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Kitchen Ideas For Decorating a Small Studio Apartment

Think about how to design your kitchen area so that it doesn’t overwhelm the entire room. Every kitchen has basic equipment that needs to be included. It is a sink, fridge, oven and stove as well as good storage. If you live in the same room, it’s a good idea to place the kitchen along one side of the room so you don’t overrun the room. The color you choose should also complement the rest of the room. It is possible to get modern all-in-one kitchens from stores like Ikea. But you can also recreate the look yourself by looking for cheap kitchen cabinets from stores that sell their used display units or from eBay.

If you are thinking of ideas for decorating a small studio apartment, it is much easier if you start with a blank canvas so you can design everything to fit perfectly. Small kitchen ideas take a little bit of effort to solve but once you can adapt your living space adequately, you’ll be able to enjoy a clutter-free existence.


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