+ 22 Facts about ranch house remodel interior open concept

The farm house is as quintessentially Californian as Yosemite and artichokes.

Adriana, who experienced childhood with the East Drift with her Italian American family, didn’t know what to make of it. She had constantly imagined life in a character-filled farmhouse, much like the ones in Italy. So the couple compromised with a kind of present day Italian farmhouse in the shell of a farm.

In the first place, however, Eric made a couple of changes to the structure.

Of the considerable number of changes Eric made, it’s the incredible room that best joins his and Adriana’s dreams. “If you somehow happened to stroll into this house on some random night, you’d presumably discover all of us hanging out in this enormous open space,” Adriana says. The more seasoned young ladies, Siena, 6, and Ella, 4, as to sit at the island to help get ready supper, or shading at their specialty table amidst the room, while Eric plays with 1-year-old Dempsey.