+17 That will motivate you winter window boxes outdoor

The window boxes brings the outdoor garden into the house. Through the windows you can often see beautiful flowers and plants in the distance from the house, but you may not be able to see planting near the house. That is until you install the window planter box. With this beauty you will always be able to have a beautiful view. It will be what you planted.

If you are in an apartment or in the city, a window planter box allows you to have a bit of nature in your home. It’s like keeping a little country flavor with you when you deal with city life. Whether by the window or on the fire escape, it’s a great break from the busy city style.

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Before buying this you need to know what you are looking for.

The first characteristic to pay attention to is the window size. Measure your window width before you start shopping. You also need to measure the number of window sills from front to back. You don’t want to buy a large window box for a thin window sill only to see it turn upside down and eventually collapse, ruining all the work you did to make it beautiful.

Next, know what kind of plants you want to put in the box. You want to make sure that there is enough room inside for the plant’s root system. Plants need enough space to spread their roots to attract nutrients and grow strong. Make sure you have a box with enough space for your plants to thrive. Some plants need more drainage than others, so make sure your box can get the extra water out. If you get the wrong type of window planter boxes outdoor and they hold too much water, you’ll end up with mold growing on the plants, and it can kill them.

Another thing to consider when you are choosing a window planter box is the material it is made of. Some materials require more care than others. The wooden box may break over time. One of the best styles is plastic. While you may be imagining those plain looking plastic window boxes, plastic scraps are much more interesting now. They are now being shaped to look like stones, and other decorative items. Plastics can also be strong and sturdy. If you’re more interested in an organic look for your window planter box, you may want to look at terra cotta cuttings. Terra cotta is very natural and beautiful.


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