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Teak Window Box Planters Ideas

Teak window boxes planters are almost weather resistant, due to the natural oils present in teak. It also makes teak planters resistant to termites and pests, and gives the wood a natural shine.

Teak planters are an ideal alternative for people living in multi-storey apartment buildings or those looking to decorate windows. A window box can add character and elegance to a home, garden, or deck as well as provide extra gardening space for those who don’t have much, or none at all. An excellent use for teak window box planters is to grow herbs and small greens or herbs, so you can have fresh produce all year round, right on your window sill.

Due to space saving aspects and the ability to grow small vegetables and herbs, window boxes are also a great way to save money. You don’t need to replace flower boxes regularly over the years. They are also very affordable and an excellent investment. So teak window boxes planters have been used all over the world, over the years, as it allows one to display all seasons, in one place, without hassle.

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Variations Ideas From Window Boxes Planters

Teak wood the number one choice in the world for outdoor structures and furniture. Teak is mainly found in South and Southeast Asia. Especially India, Thailand, Burma, Indonesia and Malaysia. This is a tropical hardwood otherwise known as Tectona Grandis. It has a yellow to brownish color with fine grain and texture.

This natural tone, texture and quality is what makes it so popular with homeowners. The teak planter does not require lining or maintenance, and will still look natural. The color lasts up to five years if left as natural wood. If you stain it, it will actually last up to an astonishing 15 years.

There are many variations available on the market today from window boxes planters of all sizes and shapes. You can add brackets to teak planters, to display as window boxes under your windows or balcony. Or they can be made on legs and make a beautiful walkway, or door look.

Teak is sourced ethically, with many specially built farms throughout Asia and Africa. It has been tested and proven that cultivated teak has all of the same natural ingredients as naturally grown teak, and the same durability and strength.


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