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Your living room should be the only room in the house that you feel most comfortable with. Maybe this is where your family gets together to watch television at night, catch the day’s programs, or just relax. Because it is a family area, it must reflect the personality and style of each member of the household. If you want to decor your living room or bring some character to a room on a budget, the following tips will help you:


Changing the color of your living room walls is an expensive process that will change the look and feel of a room. If the walls are white and you want it to be softer, consider a paste color that will relax the entrants. Or, pay attention to one of the walls with a bright accent. Not only is it much cheaper to paint just one wall, it can also be a bold tinge of color that brightens up a room without being overwhelming.


If you already have furniture in the living room but want to create a new look, try rearranging the furniture. By simply moving items, you might notice that this looks like a completely different space. Don’t line up all your furniture around the room, especially if you have a large space. Get creative and arrange furniture in two groups, making two separate areas into one!

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Wall Decoration

A blank wall in a living room can make a room look naked, so consider hanging some framed artwork or photos along the wall. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive frames or artwork. Grab some frames from an antique or thrift store, and frame wallpapers, old photos or children’s book pages for something unique. Or, why not paint framed glass panels with chalkboard paint? That way, you can use chalk to draw new art inside the frames every day!

Cohesive Color

When decorating a room on a budget, you may be tempted to install cheap furniture, curtains and pillows, which may not match each other. While contrasting colors can be attractive in a living room, use two or three repeating colors for a more cohesive look. If you have something mismatched, like a sofa, chair, or pillow that you really like, why not restore or recolor it to match the rest of the living room?

With simple and inexpensive tips like painting an accent wall, decorating with vintage frames, rearranging furniture, and creating a cohesive look with your color scheme, you can decor a living room on a budget and be satisfied with the result. Don’t be afraid to express your own style and personality in the room.


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