25+ Essential things for wood pallet bed frame diy headboards

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Often get annoyed by the squeaky sound you hear on the metal bed? Wood bed frame will definitely help you get rid of that problem. With the help of a good wooden bed plan, you can build your own and get rid of the exorbitant prices that are usually associated with this type of bed frame.

Quality wooden bed frames can be very expensive when you compare it to other types of bed frames. And rightly so. The extra cost can be the price of your restful sleep as quality wood frames do not have the sound of rickety metal frames.

This is why, I decided to build my own bed over the weekend a few months ago. Not only can I save on labor costs, I can also customize my bed to the specifications I like and I am sure of the quality too because I make and choose the materials used.

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However, if you want to do the same as I did, there are a few aspects of wooden bed buildings that you need to keep in mind. This is:


You need to decide what type of wood you will use. If you’re looking for quality, I highly recommend that you use a sturdy type of wood such as cedar, redwood, or another type of hardwood. Also note that it is more appropriate to use bolts and screws to attach the various parts of the bed.

In terms of tools, you may need to use some basic tools such as a saw and drill. If you want to choose a fancier design for your headboard, then you’ll need some special carpentry tools for this purpose.


The size of the bed is an important aspect that you need to determine from the beginning before the building process. Knowing the dimensions and sizes of the bed will help you determine how much material you will need. Also, you need to make sure that you have space in your room if you want to build a bigger bed.

Wooden Bed Plans

Choosing a quality wood bed plan for this project is certainly a step towards the successful completion of your wood bed frame. This will assist in procuring materials with a complete ingredient list.

Also, you won’t be fumbling around in the dark because the layout and dimensions are all provided. You only need to make minor changes if you want a more tailored size for your bed. And all the instructions are also given for you. All you need is implementation. A huge time saver, if you ask me.


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