+27 To consider For laundry room design layout small

The laundry room is considered the smallest room in the house and is also very useful for us. Unfortunately, there is so much going on in one small space that it can get messy in no time. There is a way that you can design the perfect laundry room in your space that will provide everything you need.

Storage space

One of the most important things you need in this room is storage. You should have a place where you can put detergent, iron, sewing kit, and anything else you might be holding in there. You should have enough cabinets or drawers to hold them all.

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Obviously it wouldn’t be a laundry room if you didn’t have a washer and dryer. If you are old school than you have a bigger machine that sits next to each other. This takes up as much space as you might be using. Why not swap it out for the more popular front loading washer. It’s compact without reducing the number of clothes you can wash at once.

Folding Room

You will find that you will get so much done if you are able to do everything in that one room. Try to have a small table or counter that is flush with the wall. Make sure it’s big enough to fold the clothes and make enough piles for everything. You should also have hanging shelves for creasing clothes.


In most households, this is located in an area of ​​the house that does not receive sunlight. If you can put in one or two windows. Natural sunlight will help prevent mold from growing and make the room look much larger. Also has several lamps above the machine and table. Take advantage of some laundry room design photos to help you figure out what you like best.


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