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Organizing Your Kitchen Pantry

Organizing your kitchen pantry may not be on your to-do list, but an organized pantry can make cooking, kitchen, and your overall lifestyle a lot easier. The Pantry is one of those places where items, food products, and all that extras are thrown in with little disregard for where they land. If you take the time to organize your kitchen once a season, or at least once every six months, you can help use food items before they expire, come up with new food ideas based on what you have on hand, and help eliminate the overbought of items you may already have.

First, you have to get everything out of your kitchen. Now with everything outside of your kitchen, take a moment to dust and clean shelves. Unfortunately, you may find some spills that have built up over time that you may not have noticed, but it’s better to clean up now than nothing. This will give you a fresh and clean picture to organize your kitchen and can help motivate you to keep your kitchen clean from now on.

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Uses Of Organization Kitchen Pantry

Now take a close look at the items you have taken out of your kitchen pantry. Check the expiration date of everything and throw away the stuff that has expired. You will also want to check the expiration date of your spices. After about a year the spices start to lose their flavor, so you might as well have some old spices worth replacing with new, fresher spices.

When starting to return items to the kitchen pantry, keep everything you use frequently at eye level; this may include spices and cake ingredients. This allows you to find what you need quickly and efficiently. It will also help you remember what you have and what items may be running low. Now you can collect items of a similar nature and put them together. For example, if you have a lot of canned soups, save them all and don’t mix them up with other canned foods, such as chicken stock. Likewise, keep chicken broth, creamy soups, and other ingredients you use to cook other meals together so you always know what you have.

How To Organized Food For Kitchen Pantry

When organizing meals, make sure to put items that expire early so that you remember to use them first. Now when you buy a new food item you can place it behind the others, this will help you use what you have and reduce the risk of expiring the perfectly usable food item because you forget about it.

Once you’ve organized the foods you use frequently at eye level or in other comfortable areas you won’t miss, you can set the foods you don’t use often. This may include paper items, such as paper plates, paper towels, plastic utensils, etc. These items can be stored on the very top shelf in your kitchen so they won’t occupy prime available real estate at eye level. Heavier items, such as packaged or canned drinks, should be stored on the bottom shelf of your kitchen so that they are easily accessible and do not risk potential injury if they are placed too high out of reach.


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