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Popular Bedrooms Themes For Boys With Outer Space

One of the most popular bedroom themes especially for boys is the Outer Space theme. In the past you would have been restricted to sticking some of the shuttle pictures on the walls and some of them glowing on the dark starry on the ceiling bedrooms, but now it’s possible to get really creative.

If you have an artistic flair, you might consider adding some hand-painted murals to the walls using pictures from books or photos from the internet. So if you don’t have the ability to draw the outline with your own hands, you can rent a projector fairly cheaply and zoom the image onto the wall, then paint it with water-based acrylic paint. If you really want to be creative, you can use fluorescent paint that looks daytime. These are colors that you can see during the day and then glow when the room is dark. This really brings the space theme to life.

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Bedrooms Decor With Space Themed Wallpaper

If the idea of ​​painting a mural by hand freaks you out, you can now buy a complete wall mural that depicts almost any theme you can imagine. There are some absolutely stunning space murals ranging from space shuttles to planets and fantasy space designs. This mural is affixed to the wall in the same way you would hang a regular wallpaper. Usually there are 6-8 pieces and you just need to center them on the wall, put them together, and hang them. If the mural is a little bigger than your bedroom wall, you can simply trim it to fit.

You can simply buy a space themed wallpaper. There are several super designs available and some even incorporate light on a dark planet and a rocket. The fourth option is to paint your walls and then buy a stick-up or transfer room.

Accessories For Bedrooms Decor

You can add accessories to the wall such as space clocks, paintings, prints, posters, light switch covers etc. If you have little ones who are going to spend years using themed bunk beds, then there are some amazing spaces related to design such as the Space Shuttle, Launch Pad, rockets and even the Star Wars space shuttle.

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a designer bed, you can still buy a space themed bed plus matching curtains and lights. You can complement the rest of the bedroom with light on a dark planet or solar system hanging from the ceiling or a planetarium that projects a living room image onto the walls and ceiling. There are lunar loungers, cyborg chairs, stellar shelving, and many more tools to add to the overall space theme.

As a final touch, why not consider the Cosmic Starry Ceiling bedrooms. You can make stars, planets, constellations, shooting stars, and more using glow-in-the-dark paint. If you paint on a white or light ceiling, you won’t see any effect when the glow paint dries to a white color. Charging paint during the day and then at night when the room is in darkness, the effect comes alive. It literally makes you feel as if you are staring out into space. Children love them especially if they are afraid of the dark.


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