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Rustic Kitchen Sink For Country Kitchen

There are as many variations to a rustic kitchen sink as there is a country kitchen. Depending on the location, the sink can be stainless steel, ceramic or porcelain. Country kitchens in the early 1900’s almost always had stainless steel or porcelain sinks. Ceramic sinks for the kitchen became popular later in the 1940’s.

One issue that must be resolved before purchasing your country kitchen sink is how much use it will receive. For many households where the kitchen is the center of activity, the sink must be made of sturdy materials. Although, the dishwasher has minimized the use of the sink, there is still a need to rinse the dishes before they get to the dishwasher. The sink can be a no man’s land where the cook can dry the spaghetti into the collander or rinse the sand out of the lettuce. Of course, potatoes always need to be rinsed and scrubbed before peeling them. It’s a good idea to consider garbage disposal when installing a new rustic sink. This will make it less likely that you will clog the pipes, as the garbage disposal system will cut everything into small pieces before dumping them down the drain.

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Sinks Ideas For Country Farmhouse

In old provincial kitchens, sinks were often made of cast iron or some form of precast stone. They are almost indestructible with the volume of daily use. Most have double ones. One for washing, one for rinsing and the drain board. Many have one shallow as well as one deeper for washing or bathing babies. Today’s rustic sinks are beautiful and useful. Most are freestanding or attached to wooden cabinets. The traditional look for a sink today is one that has a cabinet underneath and a skirt rather than a wooden wardrobe door.

In most country farmhouses, the kitchen is a picture of simplicity. The washbasin reflects that simplicity with a large basin with a cast iron apron on the front. Very often, basins are made of porcelain over cast iron to ensure longer wear. The clean line of the farmhouse sink is reinforced by two bobbin legs on either side. These sinks are almost always white or a dark travertine stone color. The best thing about these sinks is how well they retain heat. This was especially helpful as hot water was not supplied in older country houses with water heaters. Typically, water is heated in a large kettle which is kept on a cooking stove for washing dishes.


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