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Not having an appropriate passage to put keys and mail and store shoes and outerwear is both a capacity and tasteful Jenga astound. We’ve gathered together more than 50 thoughts—and loads of stunning photographs—in 10 of our most loved presents on help you win a definitive prize in no-gateway Jenga: a practical and appealing spot to drop your stuff when you return home.

The ever-prominent HEMNES shoe bureau is an incredible answer for your portal. Jen from iHeart Sorting out painted her bureau dim and included vintage-style ring cabinet pulls for an altered look.

The photograph above, from Refinery29, is really an edge of a storage room, yet there’s a lot of motivation here for a little space gateway. The rack is an incredible catch-just for easily overlooked details like keys, wallet and mail, and the snares on the draping bar underneath keep satchels conveniently sorted out.

This small runway from Dezeen is minimal in excess of a spot to stash mail and keys, yet it could be a critical advance in controlling the measure of messiness that gets into your home. The rack over the radiator is a particularly sharp touch. A thin divider mounted retire (or even an image edge) can hold mail and keys in even the littlest of gateways. With snares underneath, it can hold packs and coats, as well.